The Rebecca Skelton Fund

For Dance, Research & Performance

The Rebecca Skelton Fund for Dance, Research & Performance provides financial assistance towards the cost of postgraduate dance study in experiential/creative work to include dance improvisation and those training methods such as Skinner Releasing Technique, Alignment Therapy, Feldenkrais Technique, Alexander Technique and other body-mind practices that focus on an inner awareness and use the proprioceptive communication system or an inner sensory mode.

  • Awards given:
    • 2006: 4 of £100 each
    • 2007: 1 of £700 and 1 of £300
    • 2008: 3 of £500 and 1 of £200
    • 2009: 3 of £500, 1 of £400 and 1 of £350
    • 2010: 6 awards - £288, £620, £642, £200, £500, £213
  • Purpose: To assist students to pursue a course of specialist or advanced performance studies or an appropriate dance or dance research project in the specific field of dance as detailed above.
  • Eligibility: Open to anyone pursuing dance studies at postgraduate level.
    • Inclusion criteria: prograduates/established dance professionals, emerging professionals who are undertaking a short research project or course (can be within a masters/phd), applications with strong methodologies or those who show the undertaking will make considerable difference to their area of investigation and professional development, dance performance, dance science, mind body connection, investigation, improvisation and collaborative work, UK based artists/researchers.
    • Exclusion: finance towards the general cost of FT/PT courses such as MA, MSc, Phd's ie to undergraduate students, former awardees having received funds within the last 3 years.
  • Annual award: Grant in the region of £500.
  • Length of study: Any length.
  • Country of study: Any country.
  • Number of awards offered: Between 1 and 4.
  • Application procedure: Applicants must complete an application form and submit it together with a CV.
  • Closing date for next awards: Friday 14th February, 2014. More info here.

To apply please download Application form

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The Rebecca Skelton Fund Administrator
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