Lauren Potter

The Solo Performance Commissioning Project UK 2006, led by choreographer Deborah Hay

This took place at the Findhorn Foundation Community between 30th August - 8th September 2006.

The purpose of the project was multi layered, but primarily it was hoped that new stimuli and challenges could be sought, new tools and processes could be developed and fresh inspiration and freedoms would be highlighted. The impact of this opportunity was a major personal wake-up call. I feel freed from the burden to ’create’ by acknowledging that perception is the dance. I have felt totally challenged and yet hugely supported and nurtured.

I would like to express my gratitude to The Rebecca Skelton Fund for helping to provide me with the opportunity to take part in this fantastic experience.

I plan to take part in a shared platform of SPCP performances in the future (there were at least five other artists from England on the course). This will need to take place at least three months from now, due to the nature of the project which requests a daily practice for that amount of time before any showings can take place. I would also like to prepare a performance at The Place where I work, which could take the form of a Research Lab presentation, and could invite discussion and debate. These could be filmed and forwarded to the Fund if required.

All performances will state within the programme that the cost of this project was supported by The Rebecca Skelton Fund.

The nature of the project has been quite radical for me, and it has highlighted my practice as a teacher of performance, questioning my role as an arbitrator of the technique which too often concentrates on the ’what’ and allows too little time for the ’how’ of performance. I am just embarking on an MA in Professional Practice at Middlesex University and would very much like to use my experiences at Findhorn to fuel this personal debate concerning the appropriate practice of performance techniques.

Once again many thanks
Yours sincerely
Lauren Potter