Claire Murry

Skinner Releasing Technique London, November 2006

As I have experience working with children and would like to work with them using SRT as well as other community groups I felt this course was one I would like to apply for. The course is a one off and although places will be offered initially to existing teachers some places may be available to those who have experience working with children. As well as the Introductory intensive students must have experience of the ’Ongoing’ work in order to apply. The ’ongoing’ work is as the name suggests work which has developed Skinners concepts, techniques and imagery further. I have only a little experience of this work so when an intensive in the ongoing work was offered in London in November it seemed important that I take the course. I used my award from the Rebecca Skelton fund towards fees for the course.

I found the course to be a fascinating, uplifting and inspiring experience. We worked with imagery and partnerwork which I had never used before. I was introduced to new kinaesthetic rituals for daily practice. And the work was, as ever, deeply regenerative and beneficial to my well being. My practice is now even more thoroughly informed in terms of the content of Skinners work. I now hope to be accepted onto the Childrens Teacher Training course, this will depend on the level of places available to non - certified SRT teachers. Otherwise I will continue to pursue my goal of qualifying as an SRT teacher with the next intake of students in 2008.

I would like to thank the fund for supporting me in my practice and involvement with SRT. It is encouraging to have such support not simply on a financial level but also to feel that your goals and ideas have support in a wider sense.

Thank you
Claire Murry