Below are some of the people who have benefited from The Rebecca Skelton Fund for Dance, Research & Performance Awards.

  • Amanda J. Mortlock - The training was held at The Egg Studio, I.M Marsh Campus, Liverpool. The module contributes towards the eleven modules of the Somatic Movement Educator qualification. Read more
  • Benjamin Pohlig - In the summer of 2010 a grant from the Rebecca Skelton Fund and a scholarship from the Berlin Senate allowed me to travel to New York in order to study the Klein Technique under, amongst others, Susan Klein and Barbara Mahler.Read more
  • Catherine Hawkins - This funding, made it possible for me to travel to, and stay in New York City for four weeks to attend class, mostly twice a day with Susan Klein and other teachers of the Klein Technique Faculty, at Dance New Amsterdam and Barbara Mahler at Movement Research in Manhattan.Read more
  • Karen Wood - My research project investigates the kinaesthetic sense and how this is communicated and received between people. Kinaesthesia is a felt sensation experienced through doing movement and through watching movement; it has been termed the ‘sixth sense’ and likened to proprioception however, proprioception is a sense of what is ‘one’s own’. Read more
  • Joe Moran - The SPCP is a unique project conceived to encourage communities to support artists and their growth: an international group of professional dance artists are selected to ‘commission’ the same solo dance, in this instance At Once, choreographed by iconoclastic American choreographer Deborah Hay. Read more
  • Chris Jannides - My request to the Rebecca Skelton Fund was for financial assistance towards my PhD studies at the University of Chichester, and its investigation and research into everyday public movement. Read more
  • Rainer Knupp - a choreographer, performer and Artist Associate at Chisenhale Dance Space - towards costs for teacher training in Feldenkrais Technique. Read more
  • Naomi Morris - an artist at the beginning of her career - to fund a weekend workshop with Helen Poyner. Read more
  • Claire Murray - a practitioner working in the community - towards fees to study Skinner Releasing Technique to facilitate groups for those with long term health problems. Read more
  • Lauren Potter - an award winning dance artist, teacher and researcher - towards costs for The Solo Performance Commissioning Project with Deborah Hay. Read more