Amanda J Mortlock

The training was held at The Egg Studio, I.M Marsh Campus, Liverpool.  The module contributes towards the eleven modules of the Somatic Movement Educator qualification.  The teachers from the School of Body-Mind Centering were:

  • Jens Johannsen,
  • Margaret Guay
  • Katy Dymoke

The aim of the module was to embody and understand the Endocrine System.  The aim was to become aware of the glands and bodies encompassed in BMC, their reflex points and their inter-relationships with each other through movement, hands on work and repatterning.  Objectives were:

  1. Name and discuss the 13 endocrine glands and bodies
  2. Locate glands, their corresponding reflex points, energy centres in oneself and in others.
  3. Initiate breathing, voice, movement from each gland
  4. Faciliate others contacting their glands through touch & repatterning and voice.
  5. Explore creative expression from the perspective of the Endocrine System.

The experience of the course was overwhelming.  I think the glands reflect back to me who I am.  The range of possibilities within the glands and hormones is vast and it feels as though I live through that range of emotions each week: a mother, daughter, sister, company director, teacher, carer, creator, controller, fighter etc.  To spend time locating each gland and considering its function its health and its role in my life gave time to ponder, consider an alternative or just to be grateful for the function of the gland.  As you might imagine the adrenals are overworked and so to locate and stimulate other glands to be active and allow the adrenals to wait until needed was a relief.  Overall, the information and experience has allowed me to sustain myself in terms of energy.  I am more in control of my perceptual responses in teaching – not being at the mercy of my hormones but locating, resisting or stimulating glands where most useful.  I have found the information most useful within the context of teaching because of the range of people that I work with.  In a single day I work with parent & toddlers, infants, juniors and youth and adult groups range from early 20’s to Octogenarians who all demand a different level of energy from quiet concern to a blast of energy.   Sustaining myself through the demands of this work is possible through a close survey of the glands and engaging the relevant glands, hormones for the present moment. 

Thank you to the Rebecca Skelton Fund for giving me the opportunity to learn this and to find the means to sustain my practice and my ‘self’ through it. 

Best Wishes,

Amanda J. Mortlock